You’re incredibly smart and handsome

You’re incredibly smart and handsome

toshibaC55_cover300Most (if not all) major brands add you to an email marketing list after you buy and register a product with them.  Such is the case with Toshiba.  I was forced to buy a new laptop when the one I owned was damaged in a car accident (I looked like I got his by a truck, because I literally got-hit-by-a-truck!) and needed repaired. It didn’t need to be a great laptop (since mine could be repaired)…

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Relationships are inefficient

timesuck-clockRelationships are incredibly inefficient.

You have to identify a likely potential candidate, present yourself in a way that you hope they will find compelling and attractive, if they agree to the possibility of a relationship you have the whole let’s-hang-out-together-trial-runs, and if the other party finally decides that YES, you are the one for them — you have to maintain the intimacy and…

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I Just Ate 31 Apples

I Just Ate 31 Apples

I subscribe to DarrenDaily from Success Magazine editor Darren Hardy. Every morning I get a text message and an email alert with a link to a quick video and commentary that feels like Darren recorded it just for me. Each episode usually takes just 3 or 4 minutes to consume and comprehend (though with the early — pre-coffee — morning delivery, I sometimes need to watch twice for it to sink in)…

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Find Another Room

Thanks to my bright friend Darcy Blessing, I had the opportunity this past weekend to sit around the table with some other really bright people that I’d never met before.

No agenda.
No task list.
No ulterior motives.
Nobody was trying to “get business” from anyone else at the table.

Just a collection of people one current friend (and one new friend) pulled together because they thought everyone…

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Your most important client should fire you

Your most important client should fire you

Your most important client is also your most neglected client…

You would absolutely stop doing business with a company immediately if they treated you the way you treat yourself.

Think about it.
Compared to all the other clients you serve, YOUR projects are always the last to get done, your needs are the last to get met, your meetings with yourself always get cancelled, the work on your…

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Make Your Presentation A Performance

Make Your Presentation A Performance

A major part of many people’s sales process is presenting formal proposals to audiences comprised of one or more decision makers. The fact you’re even in the room and at the table with these prospects speaks to the fact they are interested in what you have to offer and what you have to say, the problem is that you, yourself, aren’t all that interested in what you are saying(and how you are saying…

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Heroic Ideas

Some people striving to stand out as “Creative” sit by in meetings or during their entire career at companies waiting to be inspired with that one big civilization-saving idea to contribute.  They even let other smaller, more mundane ideas go by unspoken because they just weren’t “big enough” to make a real impact on the company.

Not every idea needs to save the world.

The most interesting,…

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Build Ideas Brick By Brick

Build Ideas Brick By Brick

The lie people tell themselves about creativity is that they aren’t creative because “they could never think of all those ideas.”  It takes the pressure off because they’ve bought into the excuse most people use (and believe).

The reality is that NO ONE thinks of those ideas.
At least not all at once.
And sometimes (most times) not even all by themselves. 

Ideas rarely (if ever) spring forth…

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The Idea After The Idea

The Idea After The Idea

bad-idea-machineI was recently reading an article warning start-up entrepreneurs against developing and pitching internet business ideas that investors had all seen before.  Counted among the walking dead of concepts were social and business networking sites, online dating sites, search engines, micro payment/loan/investment sites, and portal/single sign-on sites.

The problem is, the author of this article is…

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Today’s calendar page is brought to you by The Spice Girls…

Today’s calendar page is brought to you by The Spice Girls…